Truth Connections: Marja West Heart Based New Humanity
Truth Connections: John Urwin The Secrets Were In Jaraba
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Truth Connections: Laura Lee Mistycah | The Kundalini & Chakra Conspiracy The Kundalini & Chakra Conspiracy
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Ole Dammegård and Scott Bennett joined Truth Connections to discuss false flags. We break this topic down and speak about the current situation in France so you can decide.
Leo Zagami Money, Masons and Occultism in the Decline of the Catholic Church
John Stormm Ancient Clans, MK Ultra & Targeted Individuals
John Stormm MK Ultra



Truth is the cure for what some may define as ‘the mental infection of confusion’. But regardless of which ‘tin foil hat’ remedy you choose to follow, discernment isn't always easy, and the search for answers among a sea of untruths of all depths and densities can lead one to simply lay back, discouraged and float with the tide. There’s no denying that the movement of any type of positive trend often precludes itself with peaks and troughs that we splash around in, perplexed, while our direction is momentarily lost.

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Truth Connections promises to bring awareness to the umbrella of issues that surround humanity today, as well as those we foresee for tomorrow. Using intelligently sourced information gathering and viable data points from just about every relatable topic from science to suspicion, we aim to connect the relevant, reasonable, sane but perhaps not apparent links as we search for the hidden reality that so many of us find hard to see.

Join TCR’s wonderful hostess Katherine Buckalew as she interviews some of the finest guests who often spend their careers seeking truth connections, and becoming themselves truth connectors along the way, in this worldwide search for universal reality and truth disclosure.

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