Films for Action
Films For Action is a community-powered alternative news center and learning library for people who want to change the world. Films For Action uses the power of film to raise awareness of important social, environmental, and media-related issues not covered by the mainstream news. Our goal is to provide citizens with the information and perspectives essential to creating a more just, sustainable, and democratic society. Our website has cataloged over 900 of the best films and videos that can be watched free online.
Free Documentaries streams full-length documentary films free of charge, with no registration needed. For several films, we even offer the ability to watch trailers or to download the actual film.
Top Documentary Films
Top Documentary Films offers full watchable documentaries and information on documentaries by quoting reviews from trusted sources. The content here is created with a passion for documentary films, the site is in open form, and it is allowing readers to add comments about documentary films they like or dislike.
Underground Documentaries
Underground Documentaries brings you the best selection of free documentaries on the web – with a special emphasis on independent films and documentaries ignored by the mainstream. Through these films, we hope that viewers can make more informed decisions on how to live their lives – what to eat, what to buy, what to believe, and how to be happy.
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